Reducing is better than Recycling


One of the reasons why I started writing was because I make me feel liberated, I did it for myself, for the simple pleasure of knowing that I was able to express my feelings in the time and space I was living, allowing myself to be. I write because it makes me happy…

Today I felt the inspiration to write to one of the topics that I am most passionate about, such as the issue of environmental care, for the preservation of humanity and the infinite forms of life that inhabit this sacred planet.

For some years now, I have been hearing that one of the best ways to counteract our negative impact on the planet is nothing more and nothing less than recycling. Be careful, this is not an article to criticize the habit of recycling, but I do write it in order to explain why, and with the environmental situation we currently live, recycling is not enough. Today, while I was in a traditional market in my city, I noticed the amount of plastic objects, wrapped in more plastic, and the cherry on the top is that if you buy them, they give it to you in a Plastic Bag! Plastic, plastic, plastic…

Honestly, I felt helpless! because, even though there are people who want to reduce their consumption of plastic, companies make this the task even more difficult by offering their entire portfolio of products in plastic wrap. We have no choice … Shampoos, deodorants, creams, toothpaste … Everything absolutely everything is in plastic containers… Creating that way a continuous vicious circle … Not to mention shopping centers full of clothes (Polyester), shoes and more products made of plastic…

As we all know the power of a market is given by its consumers, and based on that power we have. I call for boycotting companies and industries that do not move a single finger to reduce production and therefore the consumption of plastic. The power is in the people, and if we decide all together to reduce the consumption of these large companies, as a peaceful demonstration, so that they feel forced to change the way they present their products. Because they are the ones polluting the most in their entire production and distribution process. They pollute everyone’s air and water!

Therefore, recycling is just an easy way out they are offering to make us think that we are “doing something”. But if industries don´t change their production processes, this is not going any further…

So I give you some small suggestions, which I personally use:

  1. If you can buy products in organic packaging, opt for them.
  2. Reuse and re-package, there are many markets that sell in bulk, buy there.
  3. There is a wonderful exchange technique called barter, I personally use it to renew my clothes and my shoes, with my family and friends.
  4. REDUCE, if you don’t need it to buy it. The fashion industry just wants you to be a workforce for its consumption. And to be very honest, lately, fashion in shoes and clothes is very ugly!
  5. Be self responsible! Many years ago I understood that I was the change I wanted to see in the world, and decided that I would not give anyone else the responsibility for caring for the planet, so little by little I was changing my consumption habits by more conscious ones.

Let’s think about future generations and the planet we want to leave for them … Be a good ancestor.

I love us!!



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